The efforts to show students that chemistry is important in their professional life are more successful during a study trip including organized visits to chemistry-related businesses. All the objectives of the group are considered with the same level of attention in preparing a tailor-made programme, even if you express the wish to visit a criminology laboratory!

Study trips: the link between chemistry and professional activity

There is a real need to recruit the best students qualified in chemistry. The decrease in the number of students in physics and chemistry classes is ascribed to the fact that students are taught these subjects too late or in a sketchy way. A study trip is an opportunity for a group of students, teachers or an institution, to get new ideas and information on teaching methods, to discover new sources, and to establish a connection between courses and future employment opportunities.

Simply moving forward and innovating

The main objective of your group trip can be creating a specialized multidisciplinary laboratory, and discovering affordable state-of-the-art instrumentation. The incredible potential of such a customized trip is due to the group’s full immersion made possible by practical visits. These visits immediately arouse and maintain the interest of participants - an enthusiastic response which is rare to notice!

Such a study trip focusing on chemistry is a real interactive training. Here you are some ideas, for example:

Your group trip can simply be aimed at approaching the jobs associated to forensic chemistry, meeting professionals who can explain to the group certain job characteristics and the requirements to work in this field.


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